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I AM BACK!!!!! :D

I got my laptop fixed and weekend is right around the corner!!!!! yaaay!!!! I apologize for not filling the tutorial requests that have been lying in my inbox since forever! I promise I’ll do each and every request of yours by this weekend. Till then have fun and be back on weekend cause I’ll be here ^_^

Anonymous asked: hi how long will it take for my req please let me know even you can complete anyone

I am so sorry hun but my laptop is broken. That’s why I have been so inactive. I’ll do your requests as soon as its fixed. Please bear with me, thanks <3

Anonymous asked: hey sorry to bug you but do you mind posting these brushes.. i looked all over for them and i cant find them post/45198622813

Hey! I don’t remember exactly which set I used but you can find a lot of splatter brushes here Hope it helps (:


Hey followers!
My apologies for being inactive and not filling your requests. It’s been very hectic at my end with work and school :( Will try to take out time for here again, till then enjoy the resources I already have up here and enjoy!

Paint Brush Fonts - Favorite Fonts Part 8

Pinceau | Dysfunctional Family | Over Drive Sunset | Midnight | Hill William | Graffiti Paint Brush | Art Brewery | Brush Strokes | Inky | Kill the Noise | Airheads | Quite Chocolatey | Levi Brush | Brush Stroke Fast | Paint Drips | PW Brush Me | Sticky Things | Brushie Brushie

chiisai-hope asked: hello :) do u know how to do this text tutorial "/post/44714896829" but on a gif instead ?? thank you~

Hi! (: instead of opening an image on photoshop you simply open your gif and write text (in the same way as explained in the tutorial) on each frame.
Let me know if you need more help.

bubblykaos asked: Beautiful Person Award!! Once tagged, you have to paste it in the Ask of 8 people who deserve it. If the chain breaks, nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you are beautiful inside and out.

Thank you so much love ♥

X-men Days of Future Past PSD


Before I start I’d like to welcome new followers :) Thanks for your love and support, it’s much appreciated.

I know I have been very inactive lately, been busy with work and freelance. But I promise to take out time for tumblr :) It’s been a while I posted any new resources.

Take care, have a nice day/night :) much love!

oclober asked: do you know any mac photoshop download links that are safe?

Try browsing they have download links there (: