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X-men Days of Future Past PSD

Gradient PSD
Download -

PSD + 1 effect | Download 4shared

PSD for Supernatural screencaps, works on other TV shows as well. Doesn’t contain vibrance.

Download 4shared } deviantart

One PSD for all - As you can see in the preview this PSD can be used on all sorts of pictures. From animated movies to live concerts.

This is basically my new fave PSD and you’ll be seeing me using it a lot! Since the light streaks are bomb these days.. I thought its about time I do something too lol

Anyway, enjoy using it and remember to spread the word by reblogging. Thanks! ♥

DOWNLOAD 4shared | Deviantart

P.S. Sorry I forgot to make previews with the originals :\

Requested by shes-everything

A PSD for red carpet events. Should work on most images.
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PSD for we♥it pictures (or any random site)
Most of the pictures on image sharing websites are already edited so this PSD will help you have them more edited without over doing it (if that makes any sense lol) I made this PSD for myself because my problem is that I can’t post a picture anywhere without photoshopping it a bit, so if you have same issues, this ones for you ;)

However, it can be used on almost all images, even the screencaps.. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD 4shared | deviantart

4 Color PSDs - red - green - blue - pink

Can be used on almost all images, even the screencaps. If the picture is too dark duplicate layer and set layer blending mode to screen.

DOWNLOAD deviantart | 4shared

Soft vintage psd with sparkly effect. Contains vibrance, works well on all images. It can also be used on screencaps.. if your image is too dark duplicate it and set layer blending mode to screen.

DOWNLOAD 4shared | deviantart

Vintage psd that adds browns to an image. Works well on all images. Does not contain vibrance.

Download deviantart | 4shared

Graphic PSD 02


Download this PSD only if you have good practice of layering and blending. Because on using your picture some tweaking will be needed. And if you are not familiar with Photoshop well enough, this PSD will look really weird to you cause it has a lot of layers all blended and edited.

DOWNLOAD Mediafire|Devinatart

Mediafire isn’t working for me right now, will update the post once its fixed.

This is my new favorite PSD. Lately I have been using it on almost every edit. This is a fabulous PSD because it works on almost every picture (except blondes) It adds greenish cyan tone to the image, and changes colors to pastel. Though it also has an option to remove pastel-ness (enable top most selective color layer)

Download and enjoy! | deviantart

Does not contain vibrance. Works on almost every picture. Drains out most of the color leaving brownish/black tones and turns red into dark maroon. If using on dark pictures, duplicate the image layer and set layer blending mode to screen.

Download mediafire | deviantart

Contains Vibrance. Works on almost on all pictures. Try not to use on pictures which are too heavy on yellow or red color.

DOWNLOAD mediafire | deviantart

Contains vibrance. Adds purple-ish blue tint all over. Works with almost every image.

Download mediafire|deviantart