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Paint Brush Fonts - Favorite Fonts Part 8

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X-men Days of Future Past PSD

Gradient PSD
Download -

What PSD did you use here hun? /post/70197414367
This one love,

Anonymous asked you: Hi! How do you make your gifs so smooth? Can you please do a tutorial?

Hi, I use Topaz Clean on my gifs, It’s pretty easy actually.

Make a gif 

Apply Topaz Clean on each frame with following settings

This is what you’ll get

You can stop right there but I like to give edges bit of detail by sharpening them a little.

Go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. You’ll have to do this on each frame.

And there you go!

youratonement asked you: Hi! Could you tell me please which psd/texture did you use for your sidebar?

No textures love just a custom coloring I made.


Various Textures. Thanks to DA for stocks.

Various Textures. Thanks to DA for stocks.