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kissthelights submitted:Hi, could you please remake this psd? :) Thanks  original:  with psd:

I was in mood to do some icons so I did a bunch.. PSDs used are from the request I did yesterday. Use these icons wherever you like.
This does not mean that I am open for icon requests so please don’t go dropping celebrities in my ask.

Andrew Garfield

Ian Somerhalder

Nick Carter

Yes I couldn’t help naming it lol So what do you know this is my 100th PSD!
It contains 9 different gradients of different shades as you can see. Works great on every picture. It even makes black and white pictures look more dynamic.
I suggest you use this PSD over super smooth images, by either using Topaz Clean or this tutorial.

Download | mediafire deviantart

I rather have my dashboard flooded with Jensen Jared Andrew Nick Jonathan and Chris than Justin Bieber *puke face* *hate that kid so effing much!*

Contains vibrance. Adds orangish tinge to the image and highlights the reds. Works with almost every picture ~ download