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Anonymous asked: hey sorry to bug you but do you mind posting these brushes.. i looked all over for them and i cant find them post/45198622813

Hey! I don’t remember exactly which set I used but you can find a lot of splatter brushes here Hope it helps (:

chiisai-hope asked: hello :) do u know how to do this text tutorial "/post/44714896829" but on a gif instead ?? thank you~

Hi! (: instead of opening an image on photoshop you simply open your gif and write text (in the same way as explained in the tutorial) on each frame.
Let me know if you need more help.

automatedlasermonkees submitted:  Sorry if you’ve been asked this before, but I was trying to download your PSD pack 41 and both links say they are invalid. 

Here is alternate link for you, thanks for reporting broken link (:

ofnightingale-deactivated201305 asked: do you any kind of psd that accentuate a color, for example red, or blue, etc, idk how to explain..

I think you’re talking about this sort of psd. Let me know if I am wrong.

Anonymous asked: Hey, can you help me with a tutorial? How to make the text where it's writing: home, about victoria, etc. click-able on tumblr? For example I upload that picture, and when I click on about victoria to go on about victoria. Uhm, I don't know if you understand what I am saying, but can you help me? victoriajusticedaily. fans. bz/wp/wp-content/themes/victoriajdaily/images/header. png

I am sorry to disappoint you darling but as far as I know, to have clickable picture you need to slice it in Photoshop then code it. I don’t think tumblr has that option in its HTML.

Anonymous asked: /post/22523852427/vector-edit-tutorial i applied the curve, and i do not see the curve layer on my layers, what did i do wrong?

You probably applied curves on the image directly. You need to add curves as an adjustment layer.

Anonymous asked: Can we use your scanline textures on gifs?


Anonymous asked: do you know where i can find the texture on this /post/33162743113 or similar like the blue and green layer, or how to make them please

When you download the psd file you automatically get the texture, its the last layer in the group. How you can make them? On a blue background you just add light spots with soft brush with colors like greenish blue, bit of yellow and purple, lower down opacity a bit.

ilovethebritishroyals asked: Hi! I was wondering what option you set your textures to? (that is horribly phrased!). Like, screen or multiply or something? (this is a very stupid question, I'm sorry!) ♥x

This basically depends on the texture and the picture you’re applying texture on. Usually you just try out all the blending modes to see which one works the best. The textures with black backgrounds look good when set to lighten, softlight or overlay while white ones work with darken, multiply, overlay or softlight.
In my experience only textures with light spots work on screen mode.
I hope it helps. And nope your question wasn’t stupid :)

adorableswift1d asked: Do you make some harder twitter? Could you give me some tips? THANKS A LOT :)

I think you meant header for twitter. Anyway, no I don’t make those but only tip that I can give you is to arrange pictures in left/right and leave the middle part plain because it will be hidden with your profile picture. Other than that, go crazy! Design however you like ^^

topsyblack asked: Hello, I just found your tutorial on yeahps blog about how to make a ˝collage banner˝ and I got stuck on 4th step. :| I don´t know what do you mean by ˝add layer mask to the second layer˝, im stupid when it comes to photoshop and I need almost everything to be explained. :| Sorry for bothering you with this but I really wanna learn. Thanks.

Hi. Have a look at this screencap, the white thumbnail next to layer thumbnail is basically layer mask and it is added by clicking on the tiny button at the bottom.

Layer masks are added for various reasons, however in the tutorial I have added it to hide unwanted areas of the image by painting with black colored paint brush tool. You can learn more about layer masks here or by googling.

I hope this answers your question, feel free to drop me a message if you want more help (:

Anonymous asked: can you recreate a psd that looks something like this? thanks! gayfortaylorlautner(.)tumblr(.)com/post/35209748279/have-you-ever-read-any-twilight-fan-fiction-x

I wouldn’t know what exactly the coloring is unless I see the original.

Anonymous asked: Hi! can you please tell me what PSD you used on this edit /post/36208225397 Thank you :)

I used this sweets (:

Anonymous asked: do you know how to make an image look like this 25. media. tumblr. com/tumblr_m6shxeFcOK1qak8cjo1_500. png i've been trying to find a tutorial about it for almost 2 weeks but no one has it, and most photoshop blogs aren't accepting questions at the moment

Do you want to learn how they have given smooth cartoonish effect to the picture? It looks like they have used topaz clean on it.

Anonymous asked: what psd did you use on your last icon set?

It was a mesh up of all the icon psds I have. I combined layers.