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6 men who [continued] to kill me in 2012

Johnathan Rhys Meyers [no particular order]

I rather have my dashboard flooded with Jensen Jared Andrew Nick Jonathan and Chris than Justin Bieber *puke face* *hate that kid so effing much!*

On very popular demand here is my color porn psd which I use quite often. Like x x x x (and prolly more lol) I am sure I must have tweaked this psd here and there on every post but the basic coloring is the same.

3 PSDs in the pack. Contains vibrance. Some tweaking may be needed, adjust gradient map and photo filter to change colors.


Featuring my fave men ♥

Contains vibrance. Works with all types of pictures, enhances yellows and adds purple-ish effect. Try not to use with images which are heavy on yellow color. If your picture is too dark duplicate it and set it layer mode to screen ~ download

P.S. Also works on screencaps ^_^