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How to make this?


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Working on a gif tutorial, stay tuned.

Hint: Do you like Big Time Rush?


Before you get on this tutorial I strongly suggest you take a look at HOW TO CLIP MASK TEXT tutorial to have your clipping mask concept clear.

Make a new document on Photoshop and fill your choice of color for background. Now make another layer and apply brush on it. I am using splatter.


Next place your picture on it and the PSD. To make clipping mask click on the Layers Palette menu (the little triangle in the upper right corner) and choose Create Clipping Mask. OR press alt+ctrl+G

Make sure your brush layer is beneath the image.The image layer will look like this after clipping mask is being made.


Another example…



In the same way you can try out different images on different brushes. You’ll be surprise to see the interesting results you’ll get.

Stuck or confused? Message me.

P.S. Brushes can be downloaded from Deviantart, just type splatter in the search box.

Squiggly text gif

staystronghavefaithx submitted: psd previews. haii, i love your blog! was just wondering if you can make a tutorial on this: ? <3 c:
Thank you love. Making a preview like that is pretty easy.
  1. Make a 260x140 document on PS and fill it with #f8f4e8
  2. With rectangle shape tool make a #a88e50 colored stripe in the bottom and write your blog’s name on it with white color.
    The fonts I have used are Code Light for Outshiner and Myriad Pro for @tumblr.
  3. The PSD previews are squared images of 110x110px, simply drag them on top and arrange.

How to have Transparent Pixel Effect?

To get this effect you’ll need this texture. Just put it over your image and lower down opacity.

tatoshka submitted: Hello! Maybe you know how can making this effect on gif or you know somehting blog with  tutorial?)

I am doing this effect over set of images. You can replace images by gifs too. Though the edit you’ve sent me has two gifs on top and static edit in the bottom.

Let’s start!

  1. Make a document measuring 196x111px. This is because images/screencaps have to be of this exact dimension so that we can fit them into our larger edit.
  2. Drag and resize your screencap to fit the canvas [X]. If you wanna colorize each picture with different colorings do it here and save your image.
  3. Make a new document measuring 400x471px. Fill it with white color.
  4. Drag and drop your images. Arrange them one by one. LIKE THIS 
  5. I’ve added a black and white gradient over the photoset to separate it from foreground image. [X]
  6. Now take an image that you wanna use as foreground and extract it out of it’s background.[X] See this tutorial to know how to.
  7. Place it over the photoset.[X] Go to layer style and add stroke with these settings.[X]
  8. Add this texture [credit:yeahps] on top like this.
  9. OPTIONAL: To add depth to the foreground image go to layer style and add drop shadow with these settings and bevel and emboss with these settings.
    In result you will have this.

Stuck or confused? Message me.

Tutorial requested by twistedsadie

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Anonymous asked: static(.)tumblr(.)com/6o8lpzo/felm730r0/selgomez(.)gif how did they do that? the effect in the end of gif?
  1. Make/Open a gif in Photoshop.
  2. Select first frame and its corresponding layer. [x]
  3. Go to filter > blur > radial blur. [x]
  4. Set amount to 40 | blur method to spin | quality to best and hit ok [x]
  5. Select second frame and its corresponding layer and repeat step 4 this time set blur amount to 20 [x
  6. Select third frame and its corresponding layer and repeat step 4 again, this time keeping blur amount to 10 [x]
  7. Select fourth frame and its corresponding layer and again repeat step 4, keeping blur amount to 5 [x]
  8. And this is what you will get.

Anonymous asked: Salam :) Do you know how this girl makes her gifs (see also her edits)? They look gorgeous and I can't find out what kind of effects and textures she uses. The colours are so soft but still strong and yet not too exaggerated. Do you maybe have a similar tutorial? imzyzia(.)tumblr(.)com/tagged/gif Many thanks! :) <3

Wsalam (: What I have learned after seeing her edits is that she uses light, neutralized sort of PSDs. You do so by layering your edit with dull shades of brown/blue color and set blending mode to lighten.

See what I have done here, is that I took a coloring dragged it over my image, created new solid color layer of #745a48 and set it’s blending mode to lighten.

You can do this with any psd that you may have and if you browse through my psds, you’ll find many of this sort. They are kind of in ‘trend’ these days. I hope I helped (: