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Happy 36th birthday, Jensen Ross Ackles! (March 1st, 1978)

No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me.

No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me.

i used to hear my thoughts inside my skull with the same tone, in a voice that sounds like you. i can’t get you out of my head.


The Barricade Boys try to sing "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?"

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2013 ~ The Year of Backstreet | Celebrating 20 years

"we get to go to work everyday for the past 20 years and do something we love and are passionate about and it's thanks to each and everyone of you (fans)"

Which movie is this??? I NEED TO KNOW!

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

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Since the start of Season 8, I’ve just had this feeling that something is off, that something feels weird, and I hatched this crazy idea a few episodes in that maybe, there is something that is blurring reality, manipulating it so each character sees something slightly different, that maybe tiny details are off, for some odd reason.

Except, now, it doesn’t seem as far-fetched, as twice to what we’ve noticed, there has been a flaw in this ‘reality’. The sign behind Sam reads “El Sol”, a beer brand which featured heavily in most every dream or dream state there has been in Supernatural, in Dean’s djinn dream, and Bobby’s coma dream, and others have pointed out in every other dream. El Sol seems to be the thing used to tell if it’s a dream state or not, and funnily enough, El Sol turns up the first time we see Amelia outside of flashbacks, a character many fans believed to have been fabricated by Sam’s mind as a coping mechanism.

The second flaw comes from the episode ‘Torn and Frayed’ where Naomi, in real-time, not in flashbacks, appears transparent, allowing us to see right through her, giving this idea of her not being real, or at least not true to what we see of her. Maybe she’s a coping mechanism Castiel’s mind has come up with, to punish himself for killing all those angel, and something powerful, the same thing that is manipulating reality, has taken this idea from his head, this need to be punished for everything he’s done, and made it as real as an imagined figure can be. Notice, Castiel doesn’t recognize Naomi at all from his time before ditching Heaven, which is a little odd, seeing as most all angel’s seem to know each other, whether or not they’re part of the same Garrison, making Naomi’s presence even more mysterious.

Which brings me on to Dean. Yes, there are only two flaws in this proposed manipulated reality, but notice each one of them stems from a character which could well be consider a coping mechanism if they weren’t real? Dean had someone too: Benny. In a place filled with monsters that would love to take a shot at the famed Dean Winchester, Dean just so happens upon the one vampire that is willing to help him as he is about to be mauled to death by another vamp. Not only does Benny help Dean through Purgatory, he stays in contact with a hunter who kills things like him for a living when they get outside. Oh, and Benny is played by an actor who just so happens to have played a different vampire a few seasons back, a vampire that Dean sees. An interesting fact about dreams is that everyone you see in a dream is someone you have seen at some point in your life, whether it’s just walking past them or actually talking with them. For Dean to have the need for someone he could rely on whilst in Purgatory, and for him to put a face to it that he doesn’t remember seeing, and for that then to be manipulated into a false existence in the same way I’ve proposed both Amelia and Naomi were wouldn’t be surprising.

Amelia, Benny and Naomi are all relied on in some way by Team Free Will, some for comfort, some for punishment, but each and every one of them is relied upon, and for these ‘flaws’ in this proposed manipulated reality to center around them seems rather ironic, with them likely being the biggest fabrications in this variation of reality should the theory actually come true, because they’re what would take the most effort to sustain, even for something with the power to manipulate reality.

Which is why I think it’s possible Metatron is behind the manipulations. We’ve seen one Archangel manipulate reality time and time again with ease (“Mystery Spot” had a time loop, “Changing Channels” was a whole new reality built without braking a sweat), which means that all the Archangels can, and as much as I like to hope, only one Archangel is thought to be alive and not in the Cage.

If it turns out true, Metatron might get one of the best character introductions yet.

Remember how during SDCC Carver kept saying that nothing “is what it seems to be”? I assumed he meant the whole Purgatory shebang (Cas letting go of Dean and not Dean failling Cas) but now I’m not so sure…

Except Carver said Amelia is real. But maybe she was real once and now she isn’t. Also Benny was told about the portal by “them”

Seeing as stranger things have happened, this isn’t that far fetched. Plus it would be awesome to see.

Also, Samandriel’s vessel, Alfie, was another character many seasons back. Plus, one of the prophets Crowley captured in 8.07 was the wreath seller from the Christmas episode. I’m telling you, this just reaffirms my suspicions about something being very wrong. There’s no reason you’d just recast the same actors for different roles. 

Something else I noticed- how the characters keep referring to a ‘they’. Like you said, Benny in Purgatory, but also Samandriel told Cas before he died: “They’re controlling us!” He didn’t say “she”. I am wracking my brain trying to come up with plausible identities for Naomi and who she is working with. Notice how her room is always so white? Not exactly. On the right hand wall (left, if you were sitting at her desk) there is a black window. Tinted, I presume. Now, if you recall, most archangels travel with a bunch of lower-level angel minions for protection. Naomi is always alone. What if there are others watching behind that panel? Leviathan came to mind- they still haven’t resolved that storyline in my opinion. But that doesn’t account for Naomi’s powers. I doubt she’s working with Crowley, it just doesn’t fit. 

I had almost forgotten the dream theory, but this revives it. Something’s not right. And especially now that with ‘LARP and the Real Girl’ that’ll make two episodes about a fake reality. They’re throwing hints at us.

This dream theory makes complete sense. I am glad the plot is getting complex with each episode, it’d be great to see if it all comes down to this.

Yep you bet!

Yep you bet!


The Hunger Games beat the Avengers for best action movie???