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following your tutorial, i do a post. what you think? was not perfect as yours, but I liked the result.

Great job love! It looks perfect (: I am glad you tried it. Ty!

automatedlasermonkees submitted:  Sorry if you’ve been asked this before, but I was trying to download your PSD pack 41 and both links say they are invalid. 

Here is alternate link for you, thanks for reporting broken link (:

mistofstars submitted: thank you for your wonderful and simply explained tutorials, they really helped me!! 

You’re welcome (: I am glad to know you liked them.

shattereddreamx submitted: Hi,are you taking requests.? or when you will be free? i have a colouring request too.btw you are doing such a great work for us.psds,textures & tuts thanks for everything <3 <3

Thank you so much love. I am happy you like all the resources. I am open for requests. Just drop them in my inbox (and please read the guidelines mentioned above the submit box) and I’ll fill them whenever I’ll be free. Thanks much once again ♥

tatoshka submitted: Hello! Maybe you know how can making this effect on gif or you know somehting blog with  tutorial?)

I am doing this effect over set of images. You can replace images by gifs too. Though the edit you’ve sent me has two gifs on top and static edit in the bottom.

Let’s start!

  1. Make a document measuring 196x111px. This is because images/screencaps have to be of this exact dimension so that we can fit them into our larger edit.
  2. Drag and resize your screencap to fit the canvas [X]. If you wanna colorize each picture with different colorings do it here and save your image.
  3. Make a new document measuring 400x471px. Fill it with white color.
  4. Drag and drop your images. Arrange them one by one. LIKE THIS 
  5. I’ve added a black and white gradient over the photoset to separate it from foreground image. [X]
  6. Now take an image that you wanna use as foreground and extract it out of it’s background.[X] See this tutorial to know how to.
  7. Place it over the photoset.[X] Go to layer style and add stroke with these settings.[X]
  8. Add this texture [credit:yeahps] on top like this.
  9. OPTIONAL: To add depth to the foreground image go to layer style and add drop shadow with these settings and bevel and emboss with these settings.
    In result you will have this.

Stuck or confused? Message me.

shattereddreamx submitted: IMAGE
Hi,how are you i hope you will be fine.culd u do me a favour please.just remove this watermark.i followed your tutorial step by step you have posted here on tumblr but i couldn’t get it.i shall be grateful i f can do it for me.thanx in advance….

Hi love. I am sorry but I don’t do this stuff. I made tutorial so that you can do it yourself. It isn’t that difficult to get it right. Practice a bit and you’ll get hang of it. Just zoom in as much as you can when cloning.

voguehelp submitted: PSD remake. Hey, I see you’re very good at psds, and everything, can you please re-make this PSD? PLEASE !!  edit [x] original [x]

Thanks love, I used icon textures from your blog. I tried to make it as close to the edit as possible. Download.

x submitted: since you’re the best in photoshop, let me ask you something.. do you know what font is this? thank you.

Ah! I literally suck at identifying fonts, hell I don’t even remember the fonts I use lol but somehow I was able to identify your font *wohoo* It’s Arabic typesetting with character tracking set to 180 providing the font size is 24px [x] Obviously, when you increase or decrease your font size you’ll have to adjust character tracking too (:

dawn-coeur-thera submitted: can you recreate these psds for me? :) I’ve tried, and I can’t get it to work. 

Which psds hun?

trancethemes submitted: Can you make a this at image  psd Create? I wanna PSD :)
Can you please make a PSD like here_?  click   thank you

I am really sorry but I can not recreate until I have the original :(

Anonymous asked you: an instagram psd? with all the filters? :D

4 PSDs - Download here I don’t have instagram so I don’t really know it’s filters and stuff but I looked up on internet and tried my best to copy a few styles. I hope these work for you (: You can request more by giving me sample photos.

princessamyjuergens submitted:
hi i want psd of these psd
pic 1
pic 2

2 PSDs - Download here

Yep this counts as a request (: I tried to do it more as a template - Download here